Elementor #2525


Elementor #2525, Šoltansko maslinovo ulje



1.) Šolta olives grow in difficult and yet ideal conditions for extraordinary olive oil production: rocky limestone with little fertile soil, climate with hot and dry summers, medicinal herbs and fragrant spices render this olive oil a unique seal.


Elementor #2525, Šoltansko maslinovo ulje


2.) Olive trees have been growing on the island of Šolta since ancient history and are a symbol of longevity, defiance, and survival in impossible circumstances.


Elementor #2525, Šoltansko maslinovo ulje


3.) The love and passion with which the olive growers cultivate their olives, tradition and knowledge which for millennia they have been passing on and perfecting themselves, and pride in their indigenous super-species ŠOLTANKA create a unique combination of circumstances that result in the extraordinary Šolta olive oil.


4.) The additional perfection and complexity of the aroma in Šolta olive oil come from the fact that our producers’ olive groves are scattered all over the island. Each microlocation renders our common olive oil finely differentiated aromas and flavorful shades, which leave no lover or connoisseur of olive oil indifferent.


5.) Processing and picking of olives are only possible manually. Additional advantage: By removing damaged fruits immediately at harvest, we ensure that only the juicy and healthy fruits remain! The fruits are harvested before darkening, thus retaining all the ingredients most beneficial to human health.


Elementor #2525, Šoltansko maslinovo ulje


6.) Olives are processed in modern olive oil factory on the island just after harvest.


7.) Olive growing, processing, and quantities to be marketed are controlled by Control body Biotechnicon, Food Inspectorate of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Board and the members of Association GOLDEN ŠOLTANKA. The quality and the right harvesting time is supervised and controlled by professional advisory services of Institute for Adriatic Crops in Split.


8.) Special recognition and proof of quality are prestigious regional and international awards that Šolta olive oil has been awarded for many years, namely:
2017. New York gold medal at the world’s largest olive oil competition NYIOOC
2018. CHAMPION title at the most prestigious regional olive oil competition “Noćnjak”
In 2019. a crown of all previous awards is the “BEST IN CLASS” title in New York NYIOOC for the world’s best organic, medium intensity, monovarietal olive oil.

Croatian olive oils have aroused delight among olive oil connoisseurs and lovers standing out among 900 olive oil producers from 26 countries around the world.
These recognitions and awards are a guarantee of the continuous superb quality of Šolta olive oil.


9.)  Šolta olive oil from varietie Soltanka has a multiple amount of polyphenols than that is necessary to entered the category of functional foods, which means that it is pure natural essences that preventive cures most serious disease of our time..


10.) Šolta olive oil can only be obtained directly from the manufacturers at Šolta, as well as at the best restaurants and gourmet specialty stores.


Elementor #2525, Šoltansko maslinovo ulje