Association – The secret to success

The Šolta olive growers are small family farms which individually do not have sufficient quantities of olive oil or financial resources for a more serious market appearance. We have it together. In Solta, olive groves are scattered all over the island, all the way to the sea, to the clearings in the middle of the island. Olive trees were planted mostly on less valuable terrain, on rocky and steep glades. Although mainly the Oblica and Šoltanka varieties are planted on the island, different micro sites give Olive oil from Šolta their own seal, which is why these oils have many different flavors and flavors.


The most interesting were the olive oils harvested in several different locations. Organic production manifested in the abandonment of the use of herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers produces healthy fruits with a solid cellular structure. This is evidenced by numerous international recognitions for the Šoltan olive oil created by blending several different bio-oils of the members of our Association.


More rational and controlled production, packaging, sales and marketing on the one hand, and a variety of fragrant and flavor components in Soltan olive oil on the other, with the unsurpassed aromas of the Šoltanka variety, are responsible for the playfulness and constant quality of this perfect product.