How to make Šolta olive oil

Olive growing requires a year-round dedication and work. Perfectly environmentally friendly and beneficial for human health olive oil can only be obtained by carefully observing and preventing all adversities and dangers that occur in the olive grove from the movement of vegetation to the ripening of the fruits. Favorable climatic conditions are another important factor. Careful processing of olives into oil and proper storage of oil are further indispensable factors for obtaining superior olive oil.


The olive growers of Solta harvest their olives by hand. Thus, only healthy and undamaged fruits for oil production are immediately selected. Harvested juicy and fresh olives are taken the same day for processing into one of the island’s oil refineries, and the resulting olive oil is stored in stainless steel containers until bottled and bottled. All these activities take place completely and only on the island of Solta, and only closed and protected by the original designation of the marked bottle are allowed to leave the island.


The production area of ​​”Solta olive oil” is exclusively and guaranteed only a small, rocky island of Solta in central Dalmatia in front of the ancient city of Split.


Even today, it is not certain whether the Greeks or Romans brought the olive tree at Šolta or found, cultivated and distributed it around the Mediterranean. We are convinced that the olive tree has always been on Šolta !.