Quality guarantee

Guarantee of Excellence Šolta olive oil has no additives, spices or oils from other fruits, it is pure juice from the fruit of the olive. Its production is controlled by an accredited Biotechnicon control station from Split already in the olive grove, it controls the production in the oil mill, storing it in storage tanks and finally bottling and labeling.


Olive oil is protected by the Protected Designation of Origin PDO. In addition to the Croatian inspections, the EU Commission’s control services supervise the production, storage and quantities of olive oil produced, and additionally monitor organic production. The Presidency and the bodies of the Association make great efforts to give each of the manufacturers their best to ensure that our joint product is always of the best quality.


Special recognition and proof of quality are prestigious regional and international awards that have been awarded to Šoltan olive oil for many years: From 2012 to 2017, members of the Golden Šoltanka Association receive either a gold or silver medal in 2017. New York Gold Medal at NYIOOC – World’s Largest Olive Oil Competition 2018 the CHAMPION title at the biggest regional olive oil competition “NIGHT” in 2019 the crown of all awards so far is the “BEST IN CLASS” New York title at the NYIOOC for the best eco-friendly, monosort (of only one olive variety – Šoltanka), medium intensity olive oil in the world .


903 olive oil producers from 26 countries participated in this prestigious competition, and Croatian olive oils were extremely successful!
These recognitions and awards are a guarantee of the continuous top quality of Šoltan olive oil.