Privacy policy

Our obligations
Associacion„ZLATNA ŠOLTANKA“ attributes great significance to safeguarding your privacy. Associacion„ZLATNA ŠOLTANKA“ has fully implemented the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the EU law. We would kindly ask you to read the privacy policy in order to find out how we collect, process and store information that you have made available to us by using the web site form „contact us“. We collect various types of information, including information that identify you as an individual (personal data). A more detailed explanation is provider hereafter.


What information does Associacion„ZLATNA ŠOLTANKA“ collect?
When using our web page, we may collect data you have decided to share with us. For example, you have shared data with us in the form „Contact us“. Also, we may collect information related to your access device and IP address you used to access the web page. For more information about this, please review the below section entitled „Cookies and other tracking technologies“.
When you use the above mentioned forms, we collect data directly from you, such as your name, e-mail address, home address and telephone number for the purpose of providing you the service you requested.


How do we use such information?
When you share your data with us, we may use the acquired information in order to promptly reply to your inquiry, for example in cases of certain products and services or the „contact us“ form. We also use data when administering and improving the web page and during analysis of the web page for the purpose of monitoring marketing, i.e. popularity of certain parts on the web page.


When using our services, we may use your data:

  • In order to establish the requested communication for the purpose of your requested inquiry related to a certain product. For example, when you send an inquiry in a contact form, Associacion„ZLATNA ŠOLTANKA“ collects the acquired personal data to continue communication for the purpose of commercial cooperation.
  • In order to contact you and answer your entry in the form „contact us“
  • When the user visits our web site and clicks on a certain page, anonymous information are collected regarding subpage views within our web page (Google Analytics tools).


Cooperation with the third party

We do not rent or sell your personal data to any third party. We do not share any personal data of our users with any third party.  Our employees are not authorised to use personal data collected for the purpose of cooperation between the user and Associacion„ZLATNA ŠOLTANKA“.

Although not very likely, in case we obtain a court order of a competent legal authority, Associacion„ZLATNA ŠOLTANKA“ shall be obliged to submit the requested data to such authority.  Associacion„ZLATNA ŠOLTANKA“ shall undertake precautionary measures in order to be convinced that the authorised bodies filing the request indeed have legitimate reasons to request such data.


Security and privacy

Associacion„ZLATNA ŠOLTANKA“ protects personal data from unauthorised disposal and access.  Associacion„ZLATNA ŠOLTANKA“ implements organisational, technical and physical protection measures in order to protect the collected personal data.


Cookies and other tracking technologies

The information obtained from these cookies help us to understand how our users use the web page, with the purpose of improving quality of content for users and browsing experience. Optional cookies include Google Analytics cookies (whose cookies follow page views and analyse the web site performance, which are available to Associacion„ZLATNA ŠOLTANKA“ as statistical data, excluding personal data of individual users) and social networks’ cookies (for example, Facebook) which enable the user to share a certain content through his/her own account on social networks.


When you access the web site for the first time, the sign will appear warning you about cookies and it will require your consent for their use.

By continued browsing of our web site, you accept the use of cookies.


The web page user can always independently regulate (limit or disable) receiving cookies in its web browser settings. We emphasise that disabling cookies may affect functionality and your interaction with the web page and thus exclude any liability for any loss of functionality and/or quality of web page content in all cases when the user chooses to regulate receiving cookies.


You may find additional information on browser settings configuration for cookies by clicking on the following links:

  • here find out more about private browsing and cookie settings in Firefox
  • here for reading about the anonymous mode and cookie settings in the Google Chrome browser
  • here read about the “InPrivate” mode and cookie settings in the Internet Explorer browser
  • here read more information about the “Private navigation” and cookie settings in the Safari browser


By using this web site, it shall be deemed that the users are at any given moment familiar with and agree to the terms of use, including the provisions related to personal data processing and protection, and the options available related to cookies.


What are my options?
You may decide not to share the requested data with us. Please have in mind that certain data are required in order to provide you feedback regarding the chosen products or services and to answer your entry in the „contact us“ form.


Access and updates to your personal data  

In order to browse or update your personal data, in order to ascertain that these are correct, please contact info@bluehearttravel . Associacion„ZLATNA ŠOLTANKA“ will do everything in order to enable you to inspect your required data within 30 days from filing your request for access, and in order to update, alter or delete your data entirely. If we are unable to honour your request within 30 days due to a certain reason, you will be notified when your data will be available for your inspection. Although not very likely, if we are unable to share the requested data with you, you will be notified about the exact reason why we are unable to meet your request for inspection.


Questions related to this privacy policy notification
If you have additional questions or possibly an objection related to your personal data protection, please contact us at info@bluehearttravel. Each inquiry or objection related to privacy shall be recorded and investigated, and the results of such investigation shall be provided. If established that the objection is justified, all appropriate measures shall be undertaken.