The Šoltan olive growers have small family farms which individually do not produce sufficient quantities of olive oil and they do not have financial resources for a more serious market appearance. However, united we can meet the market’s demand.

Olive groves are scattered all over the island of Šolta, all the way from  the sea shore to the glades in the middle of the island. Olive trees were planted mainly on less valuable terrains, on rocky and steep glades. Although the varieties Oblica and Šoltana are the prominent ones, different microclimates on the island render its unique mark, which is why these oils have many different olfaction and gustation shades.

The most interesting oils are the ones obtained from olive fruits harvested in several different locations.Organic production, which is manifested in the abandonment of the use of herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers, gives healthy fruits with a strong cellular structure. This is proven by numerous international awards for Šolta olive oil produced by mixing several different bio-oils of members of our Association.

Commitment to quality at the expense of quantity, controlled production, packaging, sales and promotion combined with the variety of fragrant and tasty components in Šoltan olive oil, with unsurpassed aromas of Šoltanka variety, are responsible for playfulness and top quality of this perfect product.

Become a member of “Zlatna Šoltanka”


Any family farm, legal or private person who has olive groves on the island of Šolta can become an honorary or supportive member of the Šolta Olive Growers Association.Any family farm or legal entity registered in the ARKOD system that has olive groves only on the island of Šolta. Admission to membership comes into force following a decision by the association’s assembly. It is mandatory for new members to  apply for entry in the system of organic farming or protected designation of origin within three months of acceptance into Association.


APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP with your data and your signature please send scanned by email or by post:



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